Tomorrow is Groundhog Day, but regardless of what weather wisdom the land-beaver chooses to share with us, it still wouldn’t hurt to keep our warm winter headgears handy for at least the next six weeks. From the more common winter items like trapper hats and beanies, to the less common winter headgears like caps and cloche hats, we rounded up our favorite designer hats for winter on a budget, courtesy of Bluefly’s sale section. At under $50, you’ll have plenty more to spare for hot cocoas in case the groundhog decides to retreat to its burrow. Now if only it can also predict other useful tips, like what angle to wear winter hats to avoid the ensuing hat hair. (Can we get that funded? Or get the idea patented, at least? We claim first dibs on it.)

BTW, Bluefly has added even MORE items to the thousands of designer goods currently on sale at up to 80% off. The store’s time-honored, semi-annual Blue Sale would be wrapping up soon, so check out their virtual shelves before the offer expires!

Shop: Bluefly Hots for Hats: 5 Winter Designer Hats Under $50