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The holidays are just around the corner, which means now is the perfect time to reflect your excitement for the season with a pretty white manicure. Both bold and subtle shades of white are on trend for the fall and winter, and one (or more) of these picks is sure to find its way to your cosmetic bag this fall season. After all, it’s chic to wear white after Labor Day icon wink White Out: Winter Colored Nails for the Season

Winter Colored-Nails, Anyone?

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NARS Ecume Nail Polish

NARS Ecume Nail Polish is a milky white that gives a silky finish to both short and medium-length nails. This polish is perfect for professional wear, but is just as pretty for an evening on the town. The slightly yellow tint in the polish makes it just right for women with warm undertones. It’s about $18 on the NARS website, or at fine department stores like Nordstrom.