Sponsored Post: 6 Holiday Gifts That They’ll Actually Wear

Just how many times have we heard the phrase, “it’s the thought that counts”, when December comes around? The closer that the holiday gift-giving season gets, the more likely you’ll hear it from rueful last-minute shoppers who never got around to doing it. (Sorry, Mom, I’ll do my shopping as early as June next year.) That’s how some folks end up with a generic picture frame, a nondescript planner, or a funny-looking fuchsia Katy Perry-like wig that even Bozo will turn up his nose to (Mom, if you’re reading this, I picked the fuchsia wig for you not because it’s on sale or anything, but it looks really, really ¬†you!)

Seriously though, it really is hard to think of the “right” gifts for your fam and pals. Not all of us have the time to browse Pinterest or Etsy all day to find the perfect quirky little cat pendant for Aunt Hilda, or an infinity scarf that matches your boss’ seemingly one and only office blazer. However, instead of shopping for generic items that would most likely be just regifted, why not go for gift ideas that your recipient will actually use?

Winter boots for women, for instance. An extra pair will always be useful to have around. Plus, choosing boots are also less stressful, than, say, picking a top or a dress, because they are easier to coordinate with the rest of our winter wardrobe.

Here are 6 holiday gifts that people will actually wear. These winter boots for women are all as stylish as they are useful, and they’re all under $90 (we usually aim for $50, but heck, it’s Christmas, so why don’t we gun for something with a little pricier yet still reasonable gift budget, yes?)

6 Cute Winter Boots for Women Under $90

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