Winter Trends: Booties!

Baby, it’s cold outside… but snap, sometimes I’m just not totally ready to admit it. Don’t get me wrong—I love winter fashion, especially boots. But sometimes it’s good to ease in to change (especially when it’s winter and it’s not going anywhere fast), so this December I’ve decided to embrace booties.

As much as I love  a full boot, sometimes I want to show off my legs and ankles. Enter the bootie: the best of all worlds, I love the bootie this winter because it looks good and keeps my toes toasty through rain, sleet, and snow. Here are my favorite picks for winter booties, 2013:

Tis’ the Season to Rock Winter Booties

For New Years or Christmas Eve

booties Winter Trends: Booties!

Back up your outfit with these black-and-bowed ankle booties. These are SUPER hot and yet still totally classy—and only $39.95. I have a hunch I’ll wear these until they collapse. Check them out here at H & M.

clear Winter Trends: Booties!

Go With Everything Casual

Michael Antonio Myron1 500x367 Winter Trends: Booties!

These smoking-hot booties will last a lifetime. I love that they are subtly in color and style, yet with a vixen-esque heel to add some height and sass, these are the answer to everyone’s one-pair wonder for only $49.97.

Every Day

26 gaunt 12 6 Winter Trends: Booties!

Suede, rubber, and gray—these can be worn anywhere, anytime, any place. Dress ‘em up, wear them to work, or even pair with jeans on the weekend, these are my go-to booties ($54.98).

Wind, Rain, Snow Proof

eastm491075 155501 jb Winter Trends: Booties!

Don’t let weather keep you inside!  Wear these en route to work or heck, to the bar for an after-work drink. Nobody will blame you, especially when they are only $59.95!

What do you think of winter booties as a go-to cold weather trend? Tell us what you think in the comments!