Windmill Power Plan Proposed: Green News

Although he has only 18 months left in his term, the Mayor of New York City, Michael Bloomberg, has proposed an ambitious wind power plan to create energy for the city. His plan would include placing wind turbines on the city’s bridges and skyscrapers, according to the New York Times. We would be excited about this proposal even if some of us didn’t live in New York. This proposal is a promising step into a greener future, and hopefully a brighter one too–the city’s overwhelmed power grid has contributed to some blackouts in recent years. While we’ve used several methods to save energy, it’s significantly harder to turn a whole city into a more eco-friendly place. Mayor Bloomberg has taken small steps to initiate his plan, such as consulting private companies and asking them how and where would be the best place for the wind turbines.

The plan will encounter some protest, since it may change the appearance of the bridges and buildings that would hold the wind turbines. The cost of such a plan will be large, and take many years. We’re excited though–all it takes is a city like New York to jump start the effort. Sound off in the comments–do you think it’s a promising proposal? Do you think it will come to fruition?


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