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  1. SophiaS2 says


    I’m going to protect my sanity and shop online instead. I discovered this new site sweet16finds.com that has cute stuff for $16.

  2. kristalavon says


    normally, I’m one of those crazy girls up at 4 AM at the stores – I just find some great stuff so it’s worth it to me – anyway…  But this year, with total lack of funds, I’m sooo sleeping in!

  3. Miss Vicki says


    I have to work and the last two hours of my shift is the first two hours of black Friday. Thank goodness I work in an office at the store I work at.

  4. char5995 says


    Glad I’m not the only one who says no way to the craziness!  What gets me is afterwards no one really restocks!  So if you didn’t get that special present before Thanksgiving you may be out of luck!!!

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