Trend Alert: Wide-Leg Jeans

What: The wide-leg pant trend is gaining steam, with fuller-cut jeans and trousers, like these at the Gap, popping up everywhere for fall.

What the Fashion heads say: From Wahoo! As I predicted, the skinny jean backlash has begun and wide legged jeans are on the rise. Don’t get me wrong – I have warmed up to the skinny silhouette, but I am a 70’s girl at heart and love the elongating look of a wide legged pant.

What I say: After suffering through scads of skinny jeans, I’m loving this trend towards wide-leg denim. I’m still kicking myself for not buying multiple pairs of the wide leg denim jeans from the now defunct Forth and Towne. There’s hardly a jean that’s more figure-flattering for all kinds of body types, and the look sets the perfect tone for a casual day at the office (there’s something about the skinny jeans that make them not as dressy as wide leg jeans) or a laid back dinner out with your girlfriends. Pair with some cute ballet flats, or a nice pair of heels and it’s the ultimate in comfortable chic.

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  1. Suz says

    Those look like the same flares or bootcuts that never went away in less trendy markets. And they still look tired.

  2. Cammie says

    I’m LOVING that wide leg demin is coming back in style.  I’m a size 14 and although it has been said that anyone can wear the skinny jeans, I don’t think they look right on fuller figures.  I’ve always been a fan of the wide leg and I’m glad to see them making a comeback.

  3. TBF says

    the difference between a wide leg and flare/boot cut is that wide leg pants/jeans are suppose to fall straight from the hips, while flare/bootcuts are suppose to be slim through the hips and then flare out mid calf.

    The problem is that many people use the same terminology for both

  4. zeena30 says

    Wide leg jeans hang a bit differently than boot cut/flare jeans. They are looser, not as bulky, they move with you, instead of you moving despite them. They are usually a lighter denim than your typical boot cuts/flares. More fluid line than your typical bootcuts/flares. For those of you who wanted to know the difference. These are grown women’s jeans. Which is cool, because I’m tired of jeans designers trying to dress me like a teen ager, early 20 something, or worse yet, grandma.

  5. Michele says

    The wide-leg pants are very flattering on many figures. Last year I bought Liz Claiborne wide-legs (at the outlet) in black, khaki, and denim. No alterations and they work well with boots, heels, and flats. I dress them up with a nice shirt and jacket or dress them down with just a t-shirt and vest. Now I’m working on argyle coming back into fashion!

  6. Toni says

    I love the look of the wide leg jeans! I think they are more flattering for my pear shaped body, as opposed to the skinny jeans. I just have trouble finding them! As others have stated, the boot cut and flare leg jeans are still abundant, but a good wide leg is hard to find.

  7. Marcie says

    What differentiates the “wide leg” from the “boot cut” or the “flare”? Because from the picture, it doesn’t look like they’re wider through the thigh or anything.

  8. Maria says

    Issac Mizrahi has some wide leg jeans that I just ordered from that I’m hopeful will work out for me.  They are called the “Indigo Denim Pant”, and come in a wide range of sizes plus short, average, or tall inseams.  The best part is that they’re just $29.99!

  9. martha says

    Gap wides are ok, but being a 5’6 tall I love my skinny jeans to show off my shape and they get along perfectly with both flats or heels.
    I wear this for the office, but I stick to my skinny.

  10. FASHOINIT says

    the trouser cut pants are the best thing that ever happened to pants. i absolutely love khaki and denim in this style and loose from top to bottom is what they are supposed to be. For us hip-pi girls boot cuts are a joke and skinny jeans make us look like we are pouring ourselves in to something we shouldnt.

  11. Allison says

    Oh, thank God the skinny jean phase is coming to an end.  Even on the skinniest legs, I think they’re just not flattering.  A wide leg offers some visual balance, while the skinny leg seems to make your eyes go right the thighs, often the part women don’t want attention drawn to.

  12. Nancy B. says

    Yippee!!!  Finally the skinny jean appears to be going away!  I am full figured and pear-shaped – most of my excess weight is in my hips, tummy and backside – and I have heavy legs.  I looked like a freaking ice cream cone in skinny jeans!  Not to mention even more overweight than I am.

    I always looked at fashion to be more about finding your best look rather than wearing what is currently “in” – let’s face it, not every new trend is going to look good on everyone.  Adding wide leg jeans into the mix gives us yet another alternative to explore.

  13. Jackie says

    I think the wide legs are very flattering. I do agree that some people get the flare and wide leg mixed up though. Being a size 10, I thought the skinnys would pay attention to my hips but, when worn with the right top (tunic style), I find this look works. With the wide leg jeans though, it should be worn with a fitted top to balance you out. I like both looks. I think anything goes this year (wide leg, skinny, bootcut, flare) which makes it easier for all women to find a style that flatters them best.

  14. skinnyisthenewtall says

    Yes! A nice change of pace from the skinny jeans and baby dolls of the past few years. And definitely a different look from the low rise bootcuts of awhile back. Can really work a lot of different ways, on many different body types and age ranges.

  15. says

    There is nothing more attractive than a pair of wide leg jeans (like Seven for All Mankind) with a breezy, lacy, tie-neck blouse and a pair of fabulous shoes – a look that all ladies can relish and partake in.  I say, the wide leg should be a fashion must have that is here to stay!

  16. star says

    i am really glad to hear that as well. i am over skinny jeans, and it annoys me, that you can only get whats “in” in all the shops,shops should cater for every one and not just by bulk of the same stuff so every store you go to has the same look. i cant wait for wide legs to be available again. they should be available all the time along with any type of jean!

  17. Stella says

    I LOVE the wide legs. Being a size 6,8, or 10 (8 and 10’s if they are designers that run small) and pretty tall, i find the skinny AND the wide legs both work for me. Still, I’m really excited for wide legs because i just think they are so trendy and cute. I think they look great with patent leather/wood heels. So adorable!

  18. Jeannie says

    I’ll take trouser jeans over skinny jeans anyday….but the look can still be tricky for us “vertically challenged” folks to wear. If you’re short (like me) the wide-leg/trouser style can be hard to pull off unless the cut is perfect.  The bottom line is that you still have to try on several makes/styles until you find one that works, just like you do with any other kind of jeans.

  19. cathy says

    I’ve worn skinny for over a year and probably will continue to do so.  I’m so small, like overall petite, that skinny works for me.  I might buy wide legs a little later on though, just to try them out.  I have big feet and would love to cover them with a wide cuff.

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