Trend Alert: Wide-Leg Jeans

What: The wide-leg pant trend is gaining steam, with fuller-cut jeans and trousers, like these at the Gap, popping up everywhere for fall.

What the Fashion heads say: From Wahoo! As I predicted, the skinny jean backlash has begun and wide legged jeans are on the rise. Don’t get me wrong – I have warmed up to the skinny silhouette, but I am a 70’s girl at heart and love the elongating look of a wide legged pant.

What I say: After suffering through scads of skinny jeans, I’m loving this trend towards wide-leg denim. I’m still kicking myself for not buying multiple pairs of the wide leg denim jeans from the now defunct Forth and Towne. There’s hardly a jean that’s more figure-flattering for all kinds of body types, and the look sets the perfect tone for a casual day at the office (there’s something about the skinny jeans that make them not as dressy as wide leg jeans) or a laid back dinner out with your girlfriends. Pair with some cute ballet flats, or a nice pair of heels and it’s the ultimate in comfortable chic.