How to Find Wide Calf Boots

widecalfboots How to Find Wide Calf Boots
I believe that having shapely, feminine legs is totally a good thing, but I also know that having wide calfs can be a major pain. Skinny jeans don’t fit right, and worst of all, it’s tough to find a pair of boots that fit without cutting off your circulation. Here are a few pointers on finding boots to fit your wide calves:

1. Have your feet and calves accurately measured to ensure a proper fit. And yes, you can have your calves measured.

2. Try on the boots with what you’ll be wearing them with most often. If you plan on pairing yours with jeans, wear your skinnies while you shop. If you want to dress them up with tights and a skirt, step into the store wearing that outfit.

3. Don’t be afraid to shop online, as many retailers and designers offer a plethora of wide calf boots at great prices. Just make sure the description says “wide calf” and make sure to check the description to see the circumference of the boot shaft (look for shafts of 15 inches+). n Don’t just guess based on the photo.

4. A shoemaker may be able to stretch a leather boot an inch or two for added comfort, but don’t buy one that doesn’t get over your calf in hopes of a cobbler making it fit. You should already be able to get the boot on and zip it up, but a professional can give you a more comfortable fit.

5. Try boots that combine leather with a stretchy fabric in order to give you more room. Brands like Flip Flop, Stuart Weitzman, Munro, and Steve Madden How to Find Wide Calf Boots all have versions of the stretchy fabric + leather boot combo.

Now that you have tips for finding awesome wide calf boots, check out some of our favorite picks on the next page…