7 Stylish Wide Calf Boots at Zappos

The Deal: Stylish Wide Calf Boots at Zappos.com

The Lowdown: We can always tell it’s fall when the e-mails begin to pour in from the frustrated masses seeking the holy grail of the fuller-figured and/or athletic woman — cute and affordable wide calf boots. It’s a tall order, and every year we’re dismayed by the lack of said cute and affordable wide calf boots.

The one source we’ve come to count on? Zappos, which tends to have a reasonable selection, though admittedly many still fall outside of our definition of “budget.” Still, we’ve managed to cull together a list of seven cute and stylish options we’d wear — feel free to peruse the rest of their offerings of course, but a word of caution: some of the cutest styles we saw got mediocre-at-best reviews from shoppers just like you.

Shop: Zappos.com

Our Picks:


1. Annie Millie Wide Calf Boots, $74.95
2. Fitzwell Dora II Wide Calf Boots, on sale $84


3. Fitzwell Kyoti/Wide Calf Boots, $129
4. Khombu Bellino 3, on sale $134.96


5. David Tate Denver, on sale $86.83 (okay, not officially wide calf, but according to reviews much roomier than average)
6. Annie Sassy Wide Calf Boots, $79.95
7. Gabriella Rocha Chickadee Wide Calf Boots, $95.13