Why Your Credit Score Matters: Personal Finance Advice

Your credit score matters—and we do mean beyond the desire to get approved for a credit card at your favorite store so you can get that sweet introductory discount on your first purchase. It isn’t just potential creditors who care about your credit score, but also potential landlords, insurers, and employers. Let’s face it, just about everyone seems to want to get their hands on your credit score, and this is why you need to keep it respectable. 

Who exactly wants a glimpse at your credit score?  Some may surprise you:

1. People who might loan you money.  Okay, this makes sense.  Your credit score tells borrowers how you have handled your credit in the past and therefore how you will probably handle any credit that they extend to you.  Long story short: High credit score makes you a desirable applicant, low credit score makes you a risk.

2. People who might let you live in a place they own.  Landlords are interested in your credit score because they want to know if you pay your bills.  Some people may argue that even if they routinely send their credit card payments late, they are never ever late on their rent because they don’t want to get evicted, but landlords may still put quite a bit of stock into a potential renter’s credit score.

3. People who are going to insure you.  Although nobody can really point to any studies that prove that people who have low credit scores are more likely to file insurance claims, insurance companies still routinely peek at credit scores before extending insurance policies and sometimes they even base the cost of the premiums on how high or low the score is.  Maybe they’re afraid your low credit score indicates a desire to drive unsafely? 

4. People who are going to hire you. You can undoubtedly expect to have a credit check when you apply for a job at a place where you will deal with money – such as at a bank or credit union

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