How To NOT Let Wedding Dress Sizing Ruin Your “Say Yes To The Dress” Moment

First, remember that in addition to outdated sizing specs, wedding dresses often require us to wear a whole bunch of foundation garments–foam, long-line bras, voluminous slips– that add bulk and must be considered when selecting a size of gown that won’t actually cut off our breathing (that “something blue” should not be your face).

Second, understand that with wedding dresses–and all formalwear for that matter–alterations are part of the deal. Remember what we said about outdated sizing specs based on outdated body shapes and types? Yeah, that. And in a ready-to-wear society, brides need to remember that, even when purchased “off the rack,” a wedding gown is a custom garment. Don’t think of it as “I don’t fit in a size 10”, think of it as “I’m having this dress customized to fit ME.”

Finally–we’ve said it before and we’ll say it again–“size” does not equal “fit,” and fit is the only thing that counts. Said Smith, “When you get the right dress on and it makes you feel beautiful and fits well, that’s when the bride is the happiest. The size should be the base of their choice; it’s how it looks and how it fits.” When she’s sold gowns, Smith adds, if the bride asks the size, she tells them “don’t worry about it, look at yourself in the mirror.” If you love the way it looks, forget the number –as Smith said, nobody else will be looking inside your dress at the tag.