Why We LOVE Like.com

The biggest thing that Like.com lacks is a price search. However, once you get to a section you’re interested in, you can look at items within certain price ranges. So, for us budget fashionistas, the deals may not be the easiest to find here … but we might be willing to spend a decent amount of coin on a wrap dress that’s exactly the color, size, pattern, material, and style we dreamed about last night.

It’s like shopping at a real brick-and-mortar department store, but not (because you’re sitting at home in your PJs, taking five minutes instead of fifty to find what you want, and of course, no pushy shoppers are there to annoy you).

The philosophy of this innovative and ambitious site is simple: it’s hard to put fashion into words. And, well, it’s hard to put Like.com into words, too. You’ll just have to try it for yourself. Once you do, share your shopping experience with us.

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