If you’ve got a special event coming up, we’d suggest checking the site for some great party wear and occasion dressing. You could easily spend hours in Etsy’s wedding shop alone, but they’ve got prom dresses, christening gowns, tutu skirts, costumes and seriously, everything else your fashionable heart could desire.

That party we just talked about has to have a take-away right? Whether it’s a kid’s bash, anniversary, birthday extravaganza or more, between the wedding, supply and art categories you can come up with some party favors that top any run-of-the-mill gift. A lot of sellers even offer personalization, so each guest can go home with something tailored to them.

We originally started shopping Etsy for unique clothes and accessories, but why should we have to stop there? Doesn’t a fashionistas home need to be equally as fabulous? Accessorize your living space with the housewares and furniture sections of Etsy for details much chicer and personalized then what you’d find at a Pier 1.