Etsy makes vintage shopping a breeze with their strict 20+ years policy. No more sifting through thrift and consignment shops, debating age and origin. Hats, home goods, frocks, fur, you name it, someone’s selling it. (Literally, there’s almost 2 million items in the vintage category as we speak.)

Many budget fashionistas double as DIY divas, and if that’s the case, Etsy just might be your new favorite site for supplies. Heck, Etsy designers probably buy from Etsy suppliers if they know what’s good for them. Crafty ladies will find earthy cabochons, amazing fabrics, all the buttons and beads anyone could hope for, and commercial supplies in case all this Etsy talk has you wanting to get your budget fashionista business on.

Hard core budget fashionistas are their own designers, and Etsy caters to to the DIY-fashion movement. If you’d rather knit your on scarf or embroider your own dress, then this section’s for you. Fellow crafters sell access to their own designs and encourage creativity by putting their favorite patterns up for sale to other users. You can even purchase beading patterns to give old garments new sparkle, and revamp your closet without making new garment purchases.

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    I just checked out this website and it’s amazing! They have some unique pieces and the fashions are fab! I’m always stumped on gift ideas that are unique and this website is great. I’ll have to bookmark it for sure. Thanks for sharing!

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