When we first stumbled onto the site, it was because our favorite bloggers were setting up mini shops of new and used goods. Some were selling vintage pieces, others were designing jewelry and accessories as a side business. We may have came for the bloggers, but we stayed for the growing amount of quality and quantity product available on the craft show-meets-ebay marketplace. Etsy has everything under the sun a budget fashionista could want, all with a handmade spin.

11 Reasons Why do We Love Etsy

If you’re shopping Etsy, you’re probably looking for something a bit more unique than you can pick up from your local Forever 21 or H&M. The site is a haven for handmade jewelry and clothing from natural and eco-friendly materials, like those seen in the There’s nothing better than scoring boutique product and saving yourself from a “who wore it better” moment with friends or foes.

For the hand-crafted work you’re purchasing, the price is always right. We were shocked to discover how inexpensive some one-of-a-kind pieces are in accessory and clothing categories alike for no more than you would pay at the aforementioned trend stores. From band tees to ball gowns, you can find it on Etsy, at a killer price.

The site has cornered one of the best parts of shopping local boutiques and expanded it onto an International scale: supporting independent designers. Some of the best talent from around the globe is still, essentially, “undiscovered.” Why not help out budding designers, side-job college kids and everyone else with a creative passion that are fueling the Etsy site? Free feel-good vibes with purchase!

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    I just checked out this website and it’s amazing! They have some unique pieces and the fashions are fab! I’m always stumped on gift ideas that are unique and this website is great. I’ll have to bookmark it for sure. Thanks for sharing!

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