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Imagine this: you’re cozy by a fire with a nice blanket, a cup of tea or maybe even a cup of alcohol. It’s snowing outside and you can see the faintest flicker of lights in the distance. You’re currently living in a holiday card. What’s the only thing that could make this all better? Shopping. Thanks to the new fangled interwebs, that is an easily achievable reality. It’s just one of the many reasons we prefer e-commerce to the whole, putting on clothes, leaving the house and talking to people kind of shopping. Still not convinced? Our editors and their iron logic might just sway you.

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"If you go to Madewell without any pants (or skirt) on, you might be arrested for indecent exposure. But you can browse all the live-long day while letting it all hang out, and nobody will ever be the wiser! I'm obviously speaking hypothetically, just so we're clear." -Elana Fishman, Senior Digital Editor

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