Whitney: A Hair Tribute

As a young black girl growing up in the heart of Mini-Scandinavia (aka Minnesota), there was two people I wanted to be a) Rae Dawn Chong circa “Beat Street” and b) Whitney Houston. I remember having a sleepover for my 12th birthday with the theme “I Wanna Dance with Somebody” (cause in 7th grade I really just wanted to dance with “anybody”).

I played that song over and over (and over) again, memorizing the choreography (which was super easy because Whitney wasn’t the best dancer) with a particular focus on my hair flips.

True Whitney fans know it was all about her hair. She could rock a working women’s bob (ie “Waiting to Exhale”) or flip the hell out of a poodle curl wig/weave comb. Sometimes she was playful with a strategically placed headband (ie: Singing the “Star Spangled Banner” at the Super Bowl) or she would whip out a “cougarized” razor bob (ex: “It’s Not Right, But It’s Ok” Video) that would make Louise Brooks blush red on a black and white movie screen.

So in honor or my hair mentor, we offer a Whitney Houston Hair Retrospective.

Whitney Houston: A Hair Tribute

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