Where’s the Beef?: Go Green

A newcomer on the scene spreading the green gospel is the sassy, classy and not trashy – The Grist. One of our favorite features on The Grist is the advice column, Ask Umbra where Umbra Fisk (if that is her real name) doles out quick and clever advice from the big issues to the small changes small changes.

One small change she tossed out of the mailbag this week was to cut down your total meat consumption. We love easy and non-costly suggestions here at The Budget Ecoist; and when a family of four from the ‘burbs of Indianapolis called looking for something they could do that didn’t require a lifestyle change they could not afford, Umbra was there.

In addition to laying out the dirty carbon news about what happens when a family of four fly around the country, Umbra gave the 411 on how helpful it is if this same family simply picked one day to not eat meat. Umbra schools us:

The Environmental Defense Fund estimates that if all Americans switched from their current diets to going meat-free one day a week, it would be equivalent to removing 8 million American cars from the roads.

That’s a lot of gas-guzzlers. The point is also made, if you’re not in a position to buy an environmentally friendly vehicle, just skip the burger once a week. Cheaper, healthier and you’re still making a massive impact. We likey! Almost as much as French fries…

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