Where Has All The Pants Lining Gone?

I refuse to pay $100 bucks for a pair a pants without lining. Lining, the cheap satin-like material that lines your garments giving them additional weight and drape, costs less than $1 per pair including labor. To not put lining in a pair of pants, especially a pair that costs over $100, is ridiculous and the epitome of cheap. Budget Fashionistas revolt!

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  1. LIZZY says

    I whole heartedly agree. The non lined variety have this supernatural ability to attach to my thighs- like I really needed to call anymore attention to my “problem areas”.

    PS Anne Klein worst offender of all.

  2. T. Sanchez says

    *cheers* No kidding! I feel condescended to when designers ask me to pony up for some shoddy product with bad construction, no interfacing where it needs it, seams that aren’t pressed open, and, the worst insult of all, no lining.

  3. bunnybri says

    Apparently I’m in the minority…I wouldn’t buy a pair of pants with lining!  I don’t like clothes with much weight, I’d feel like I was drowning!

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