Where to Find Student Employment

It is hard to be a fashionista with $3.56 in your bank account. I realized this as I stared face to face with a pair of Charles David black leather boots at Bloomingdale’s. $3.56 is how much money I had in my checking account the second semester of my senior year of college. The boots cost $235.00. I had to get a job.

During my college career, my bank account would often dip below freezing ($10.00). Usually, I had a job or parents to fall back on. After returning from a year abroad, the job was gone and my parents were joyously celebrating the cutting of the proverbial umbilical cord. This time there was no relief in sight.

Where to Find Student Employment

Luckily in college, jobs are pretty easy to find. Some examples of potential job opportunities for college students:

~ College/University Annual Giving Fund —Always hiring. Pays well because the job sucks. I used to play a game to see how many people would hang up on me in one night. Top score 21.
~ Psych Dept or Med School —Give to your fellow man! Become a test subject! Beware of anything involving injections.
~ Dining Hall —This is one of the worst jobs. However, there are some perks. A friend, who was a Dining Hall attendant, smuggled cakes, pastries and the occasional pizza from the cafeteria. He was loved by all.
~ Hair Shop in the Dorm—If you are a gifted hair artist, earn some extra money doing hair in your dorm room.
~ The GAP—Every college campus has a GAP within a 6 block radius of the center of campus. It is a new law.
~ Childcare —Food. Room. Occasional use of a car. Almost like living at home, except you are hired help.
~ Temp Work—If you can alphabetize, then you can temp.
~ Grassroots Organizing (PIRGS)—Fighting the Power pays rather well.

After my illustrious career as a member of the “Annual Giving” Team and a couple of stints as a subject in the Psych department, I was able to purchase the boots. Since it took me three months to save up the money, they were on sale for $125.00.

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  1. hydeist says

    We don’t have a GAP at IU, but we do have multitudes of cute little independent clothing stores.

    I guess we do have an Old Navy, though. That sort of counts..

  2. Amanda says

    I work the same type of job on campus the “annual fund” we call up broke alumnae and try to squeeze money from them it is excruciating but I feel bad sponging off the rents.

  3. francis says

    look for internships a good company will want to hire you afterwards if you were a good intern….be prepared to wait a while for a contract but in the end it’s good because not only do you get good experience in your field but you get paid A LOT more than the average college student. i’ve been hired by two of my internship companies, i do odd jobs for one but i’m a part time for the other…shoes, bags jewelry all fabolous (i’m an accesory freak) but always remember to SAVE yes it does sound cheesy but just think ahead towards the end of your college career, now what?  do you really want to go back to your parents house forever after having tasted freedom..probably not my parents are great but i’m kind of used to my own place…save for a down payment on an apartment, a car or grad school if you’re a nerd like me

  4. Samantha says

    Hair Shop… how well I knew you. I still have the blisters from all the press and curls I did… *shudder*

  5. says

    In college I was no fashionista- I literally lived off $75 a month! LOL Now I have figured out that my tastes aren’t getting cheaper, so I better make more money!  My answer was not just a job, but my own business and investing. I invest to shop (and drink Starbucks)!

  6. Kristine says

    babysitting is also a great idea! I get paid $20 an hour to relax and eat homecooked meals… Its the best job!  Just look around people always ask for babysitters!

  7. Cate says

    Internships usually pay the best. I got paid $20+ an hour, and was employed full-time during summer. There’s some bad part, though. I got used to spending money and my monthly expense has doubled even after I was done with the internship.

    Another cool college job: Teaching/Research assistants! You might not earn as much as other jobs, and probably will have to work your brain much harder. But it helps boost your resume, and you don’t have to commute that much.

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