My friends and I like to joke about hitting life milestones where certain things we used to deem absolutely acceptable become–well, not. For example, most people over the age of 30, no matter how thrifty, probably shouldn’t stay in a youth hostel while on vacation. Having just turned 28, I found myself in the midst of an epic stance of my own independence: living alone. And hitting the age where I shouldn’t stay in hostels or ask friends to help me move, I also realized that gone are the days when I can call a futon a suitable couch. While my dream, it became quite apparent that living alone is quite possibly the opposite of every budget fashionista’s dream–what, no shared costs?

Aside from becoming the sole responsible party for expenses like cable, electric and–gasp–rent, it became apparent that any furniture I was lacking would have to be purchased by none other than yours truly. Thrilled at first, I became less and less enamored with each price tag I flipped. When $1000 starts to look cheap, you know you need to peel the eye for cheap. Luckily for you, I’ve got your hunt for a cheap couch on the jump-start right here, so you won’t have to look any further or dig (into your wallet) any deeper.

Great Places to Find New Couches

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Think a hybrid of Ikea and Target. Shop online or in-store if you are LA-based. Apt2B is made for current and post-college tastes and prices. Remember to check out the deal of the day for spotlighted discounts.