When Bad Sweaters Happen to Good Guys

Bill Cosby wore them. Michael J. Fox had a whole closet full of them. Arsenio probably got canceled because of them. Yep, we’re talking about ugly sweaters.

Every guy has these sweaters somewhere in their closet. Maybe they were given to them by their senile Aunt Martha, who thought burgundy, gold, and green were really “smart” colors. Or maybe you purchased them during your stint as a manager at the local Chess King. Or maybe your mom bought them to help “brighten” up your wardrobe. Whatever the case, every guy (and their unfortunate partners) has been affected by an ugly sweater.

The Epidemic, which we call “ugsweat”, peaked in the mid to early 80’s and finally fizzled out with the rise of the metrosexual. Although traumatized, Manistas like Kevin, the founder of the site BadSweaterGuy.com, can look back at that the epidemic with the insight of men who have fought the good fight and came out wearing Dolce & Gabbana.

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