When You Can’t Go Local . . . Kopali Organics: Organic Food

When is it a good idea not to buy local food? When you’re buying Kopali Organics food.

Now we’re not advocating locavores start sourcing their food from all over the globe like we did before we knew better…but there are exceptions to every rule, and Kopali Organics serves as a good example of the local food exception.

Kopali Organics sources its goods from land that would otherwise be destroyed by chemicals used in conventional farming or by redevelopment. This is sort of the same reasoning behind why we recommend wine corks as more environmentally friendly than screw tops: because sustainable harvesting of cork from cork forests ensures that the habits of those forests are maintained and protected.

Kopali also educates its farmers about growing and harvesting food in the most sustainable ways possible, and sources the majority of its labor from within the communities in which their food is grown. Very important since small organic farmers have gotten the short end of the stick in our current global commerce system, a consequence of complex trends and dynamics.

By buying from small organic farms, Kopali is supporting destitute farmers who would otherwise be paid unfairly for their goods, in some cases forcing them off their land. Small organic farmers are the true unsung heroes of our time who still practice truly sustainable agriculture. That is, they are the ones who know how to grow our food in such a way that is not harmful to our own health, to their own health and the health of their families, and to the health of all life.

By completing most of the food preparation and packaging within the same areas from which the foods are harvested, Kopali is helping to support these entire communities.

And of course, if you’re a fan of bananas, chocolate or coffee — none of which are grown in the continental U.S. — you’re probably not able to get these things local, anyhow! And while we’re big fans of local food, we admit to being big fans of caffeine as well. How do you think we’re able to stay up all night blogging, after all?

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