What’s Your Bag?: Go Green

As more and more of us commit to bringing our cloth bags to the grocery store there are going to be some stylista types that make those hemp haversacks look positively 2007. Check out these fashion-forward pouches from – it’s not paper, it’s not plastic – its-las-tik.

From gunmetal metallic to the paisley Mardi Gras bag, its-las-tik bags are more than meets (and pleases) the eye. All its-las-tik bags are made from nylon and Lycra and stretch to fit loads and loads of your milk jugs and bags of rice. And they go right back to their normal svelte size after use. But that’s not all…

Its-las-tik bags are a sign of hope in more than just the “save the planet” way we approve of here at the BE; they are made in New Orleans at a factory that was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina, by native New Orleans woman and Katrina survivor. The company is committed to bringing environmentally friendly work back to New Orleans and its people, and five percent of the proceeds go to NOLA’s Hope House – a non-profit run by nuns that help New Orleans impoverished with education, health and justice.

Need another reason to buy more? Bulk discount. One standard bag will only set you back $14.99, but save even more if you buy three for $39.99. Bags come in three sizes; small, large and lil’ pouches. So, want to save the environment, promote made in USA in the devastated city of New Orleans and give to poverty-struck residents? Get your triple threat bag here.

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