What’s New at Marshalls Department Store

Marshalls has an designer denim event coming up in a week or so with Paper Denim and Cloth, Chip & Pepper, Joie, and probably some Sevens. Jeans will be priced $39.99 to $99.99.

Plus . . . Marshalls bought the Carole Little line. This isn’t “new” news, but I thought I would share it with you. Carole Little was a department store based line (Macys, Bloomingdales, etc.)- sort of the Boho look for women over 35. Really cute, different stuff.  Also check out Marshalls’ Kenar line, which takes its “inspiration” from big time designers like Prada (but sales for 1/8 of the price).

Sears is having a big sale of 50% off all women’s suits (including some of the fall collection). I’m so in love with Sears right now. It’s like they finally get it and now my cousins in Salina, Kansas will be able to rock BCBG. Nice . . .

Tons of stores are offering major discounts right now, which leads me to wonder if the items are really on sale or do the stores hike up the prices, and then slap on a discount to full us unsuspecting shoppers into thinking we’re really getting a deal, when the discount just brings the price down to its original full price? Something to ponder. Leave a comment with your thoughts.

Barney’s Warehouse Sale begins tomorrow. I’ll say a prayer for those brave shopping souls who dare to enter the madness. My god be with you.