What’s Mine Is Yours: Green Fashion

Buy and swap designer, vintage and fashionable clothing at whatsmineisyours.com

Ever get fully bummed out to realize you no longer fit into (or the piece no longer fits your style) one of your favorite pieces of clothing? Adding salt to the wound, it was an expensive piece of clothing, and simply donating it feels like a waste of the hard-earned cash you saved to purchase it in the first place. Selling it to most used clothing stores will likely bring you enough for tomorrow’s lunch…grand.

Readers of The Budget Ecoist know that we are fans of the swap…be it books, video games, or magazines. Swapping just makes sense, both from an environmental and financial perspective. Heck, Native Americans got by just fine before currency and credit cards paved the way to our, um, new, more civilized (ahem, clearing throat, excuse us) way of exchange. Swapping allows you and the market to set a fair price for that coveted piece of clothing, together.

So we were excited to learn about whatsmineisyours.com, the UK’s finest eco-friendly swap-shop, helping savvy fashionistas everywhere to swap, buy and sell clothes on-line since 2004.

With over 13,000 members already, whatsmineisyours.com is free to join and swap, allowing for the possibility of swapping clothes at no cost! And even better news: if you’re the type of person who can only put an outfit together based on what the mannequin is wearing, registered users of whatsmineisyours.com will have access to the free ‘ASK JUDY’ section where personal shoppers and fashion stylists give helpful advice and style tips to anyone who needs some style counseling. Users can also take advantage of the unique ‘WISH LIST’ allowing them to post the items they wish they had so other members can offer them a decent swap.

Finally we can put a call out for that purple fedora we’ve always wanted.

With nearly four years of swap history and now armed with the knowledge and know-how as to what builds a great swap site, whatsmineisyours.com has developed a unique way of allowing people to easily swap quality items without compromising on the look and feel of the site. Check it out. And if you score in a swap, let us know!

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