What to Buy Summer 2007: Five Great Swimsuits Under $50


Who says you have to spend a small fortune on swimwear? We scoured the web and the mall (we really did) to find our favorite, budget friendly, swimwear picks for summer 2007.

    Cheap Swimsuits

  • Patrick Robinson Summer Breeze Swimsuit, $14.99 to $34.99 at Target.
  • Cheap Swimsuits
    Belted Bandeau Swimsuit, $29.00 at Newport-News.com
  • Cheap Swimsuits
    Plus Size V-Neck Halter Suit, $31.00
  • at Newport-News.com

  • Cheap Swimsuits
    Star Monokini Swimsuit, $33.50 at dELiAs.com.
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  1. mojo says

    There are a great deal of cute bathing suits at Target. I picked up a couple from there, and even got one of them for like 24 or 25 dollars total.

  2. Kristin says

    I have tried on a TON of swimsuits this season for an upcoming Hawaii trip, and have found that this is one area that it is worth it to spend more money. The fabric used on pricier suits is much more flattering and better quality. The confidence I gain from wearing a suit that makes me look good is well worth the cost.

  3. says

    I bought a very cute black polkadot bikini at H&M today for less than $20. I’m a size 10 and large chested, and it looks great.

  4. ohiogirl says

    Another vote for Lands End.  The quality and cut are GREAT and, they have excellent sales in their overstock section.

    I got a black one piece, normally $80 on sale for $24.  A discount price for a suit that feels like an anne cole or a gottex.

  5. says

    Cute suits, but not for my slightly pudgy, top heavy, almost 40 year old figure.  I’ll gladly shell out $89 for a classic slim suit from Land’s End any Summer.  I need the added support for the boobs and Land’s End suits really take a beating during Summer kayaking adventures.

  6. Sia says

    Does anyone have a coupon code for Newport News?  I’d like to buy the black and white suit featured but shipping is $14.99!!!  that’s way too much to spend for a $29.00 suit.

  7. janey says

    i HAVE to spend more money on bathing suits (and bras) because i’m so big on top.  the cheap suits just do not offer enough support, if they even come in a size big enough to cover everything.  it’s also worth it to me to spend more on a suit i’m going to have for a while.  alternately, i spend the bucks on a nice bikini top in a basic color, and buy cute cheap bottoms to add variety.  i don’t understand where all the implant ladies buy their bras/bikini tops!

  8. lulu says

    Wow, I always wondered why some suits are so expensive. 89? I would never spend that. But I’m quite tiny, pretty much like those models, so the cheaper brands look just as well on me. I have tons of bathing suits right now, but if I was in need of some, those are real nice. Love the VS one and the Patrick Robinson, if you wanna be more concervative.

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