What to Buy Spring 2007: The Lucite Bangle

So what exactly is Lucite?

According to it’s wikipedia entry, Lucite is basically transparent plastic used as an alternative to glass, aka acrylic glass. Versions of the material is used for a lot things.. windows, artificial limbs, fake finger nails, and this year’s hottest accessory… the Lucite bangle.

Rules for Lucite Bangles
1. Never pay more than $10 for a Lucite Bangle. Buy them from Target, Forever 21, H&M, Wet Seal, Marianne’s, Mandees, etc. Skip Bloomies and Macys (which totally overcharges for it’s costume jewelry)
2. To really punch up your outfit,  wear at least 2 of the bangles at the same time (3 or more if you’re a more advanced fashion person)
3. Wear only one type of Lucite accessory at a time- so if you’re wearing a pair of Lucite heeled sandals, don’t also wear 5 Lucite bracelets or vice versa.