What to Buy Spring 2007: The Lucite Bangle


So what exactly is Lucite?

According to it’s wikipedia entry, Lucite is basically transparent plastic used as an alternative to glass, aka acrylic glass. Versions of the material is used for a lot things.. windows, artificial limbs, fake finger nails, and this year’s hottest accessory… the Lucite bangle.

Rules for Lucite Bangles
1. Never pay more than $10 for a Lucite Bangle. Buy them from Target, Forever 21, H&M, Wet Seal, Marianne’s, Mandees, etc. Skip Bloomies and Macys (which totally overcharges for it’s costume jewelry)
2. To really punch up your outfit,  wear at least 2 of the bangles at the same time (3 or more if you’re a more advanced fashion person)
3. Wear only one type of Lucite accessory at a time- so if you’re wearing a pair of Lucite heeled sandals, don’t also wear 5 Lucite bracelets or vice versa.

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  1. says

    I know lucite is supposed to be the big trend this spring and summber, but lucite shoes will always be “stripper shoes” in my book.

    Did anybody watch the Shut Up! It’s Stacy London show on Friday night? She had a pretty lucite bangle that I’m sure was more than $10.

  2. Delilah Pearl says

    I agree, Lucite shoes screams “stripper”! Saw Shut Up!, yes the bangle was beautiful. I have an amazing Lucite necklace that was my great-grandmother’s that I wear often. I get sooo many compliments on it and I was wearing it before it was “in fashion”!!

  3. anna says

    i did. she really likes lee angel and alexis bittar. I think you really get what you pay for, but who wants to invest in trends?

  4. lisa says

    Stacy London’s bangle was by Alexis Bittar and his stuff runs between $100-$300 which is quite a bit for plastic. But luckily Stacy gave her bangle away to an audience member.

  5. says

    I agree on the “stripper shoes” – same with the super high platforms like Stacy had on her show!
    And Stacy’s bracelet was $295!
    “Alexis Bittar Bracelet

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