What to Buy for Fall 2007: Tights

What: Way back in February, TBF told you to stock up on tights, so we’re hoping you did. Tights are everywhere for fall, seen especially in bold colors, and the season’s top neutral – gray.

What the fashion heads say: This on the fall tight forecast from iVillage.com’s Beauty and Style page: “We all welcome one more winter where fashionistas don’t have to freeze to look fashionable.”

What I say: They keep the legs cozy and keep everything in place, so what’s not to like? Though the palette can be somber, up the interest factor with texture – think knits, ribbing, embellishments. Also, you can pair gray or black tights with some of fall’s sophisticated plaids or classic jewel-toned pieces (like in the Marc Jacobs look, above) to make sure the look doesn’t fall flat. Slip on a pair of the season’s sexy boots or power pumps, and you’re ready to take on the world (or you’ll look like you are, anyway). Best of all, it’s a trend that can be had for a mere pittance at discount department stores like Target. (check out the Xhiliration line of hosiery)