What To Buy Fall: The Baggu Bag

What: The Baggu reusable shopping bag, $8, offers an alternative for those who couldn’t get their hands on the Anya Hindmarch bag.
What the Fashion heads say: From Fab Sugar: The Baggu…is made out of super strong ripstop material-it holds 25 lbs of groceries, which is equal to the amount 2 to 3 plastic grocery bags can carry!…Best of all, it’s cute enough that you won’t just want to take it to the grocery store- it’ll end up going with you (and me) to the beach, the gym, on the airplane-everywhere!

The Lowdown: Available in 8 colors and featuring a sleek, durable design there’s really no way to go wrong with this bag. It’s also machine washable and ethically made (read: no sweatshops) in China. This bag would also do well for students, who have the unfortunate task of lugging around stacks of texts.