What to Buy Fall (?): Hollywould at Target

What: Hollywould, the very feminine accessories line, is set to premiere a limited line of accessories on October 21st.

What the fashion heads say:
Nitro:licious- “There’s absolutely no urge to purchase anything from this collection, the only decent piece is may be this lace print pump above…remember I said may be, the final decision lies on how it looks in person.”

What I say: Target is moving into the budget designer accessories like gang busters. I predict a partnership with brands like Coach or Anya Hindmarch next.

See pictures online at Nitro:licious


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  1. Cecilia says

    Actually, I think it’s cute. Maybe that’s nothing cuting edge, but a few pieces are very classy, and if they are in the same price range as the usually selections at Target, I’m all for it.

  2. Maria says

    One word: FUGLY.  Ok, MAYBE the red heels and lace pumps will be cuter in person, but the rest of the collection is horrible.  And those pepto pink bow slides look straight out of Seventeen Magazines Prom Issue, circa 1982.

  3. Nancy B. says

    The shoes and shoe/purse combos aren’t too bad…I will have to wait to see them in person and check the quality before passing judgment.

    But the purses?  WTF?  Are we in Kmart (when it was “K-Mart”), circa 1977 or what?  I had flashbacks to bad junior high fashion choices.  They are horribly styled and look CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP!!

  4. Amy says

    I think these could go either way. It will all depend on quality of materials and workmanship when I see them in person. The bags would be better without the giant tassles—but those appear to be removable.

  5. Amy says

    I could see myself wearing the plain red pumps and the red and pink clutches are cute. Everything else is pretty hideous. I’ll give it all a onceover when it hits the stores. These could have been early prototype shots and maybe things will be cuter in person.

  6. Georgie says

    Yuck. I wouldn’t wear any of it. Hollywould has always been tacky and cheap looking. Can somebody stop this woman from making any more ugly stuff? Painful.

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