What to Buy Fall 2007: Wet Seal

For many of us, Wet Seal is much like Forever 21—great in budget theory, but in practice? Pick your problem: too young, too trendy, sketchy quality.

Still, if you know what to look for, it can make sense to pick up a piece or two—just forget buying workwear or adding wardrobe staples here. Instead, think of grabbing The Color of the season, inexpensive layering pieces, or a fun weekend-worthy trend you just know will be gone by spring.

We’ve gone ahead and perused the offerings at Wet Seal, and picked our favorites to save you some time.


A layering piece in a modern silouette and bold fall hue. And only $8.50. Seriously.

Very sexy, very trendy quilted patent pumps. $26.50.



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  1. Sovany says

    I don’t think the age trend in any store should stop anyone from shopping in a store like wet seal. If you feel confident in what your waring what matter does it make what age group it’s marketing to.

  2. Chrissy says

    I do agree that Wet Seal is a hit or miss but as a formal employee and someone in her early twenties I don’t reccomend women past 24 shopping there. I’m 21 and I rarely go in that store. The store is geared towards women from 17-25. You can tell by the clothing style. I find it really annoying when I see women my mother’s age shopping in places like Forever 21, Wet Seal, or Delia’s. You don’t see me in Ann Taylor. Besides I would think an older woman would find it embarassing to be dressing like an 18 year old girl anyways.

  3. browneyed_demeter says

    I agree…people should shop wherever they feel comfortable shopping….I’m 24 and I shop at Forever 21, Wal-Mart, Bass, Land’s End…regardless of what “age” the store is targeting. I wear what I like.

  4. MizHalsegan says

    As I like to remind my 17-year-old, fun, fashion (and other stuff) were not invented 5 years ago to be enjoyed only by the young people of today. I would argue that 25 is not the maximum age at which one can check out and—maybe even wear—some throw-away trendy stuff. I check out Wet Seal, Forever 21 and the like, to keep up-to-date. While I don’t necessarily put their clothes on my 40+ year old bod (though I did get a nice suede jacket at Wet Seal a couple of years ago—size small/4) I’m pretty sure a necklace, earrings or shoes isn’t going to scream, “mutton dressed as lamb.” I hope!! Thing is, women my age don’t want to “dress young.” We really don’t. But that doesn’t mean we can’t add a piece here or there to stay “of the moment.”

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