What to Buy Fall 2007: Wal-Mart


Yes, I know some of you are not fans of the store, but the fact is several TBF readers shop at Wal-Mart (present company included) and they are leading the way in terms of creating green department stores (which seems a bit of an oxymoron). Here’s my five top picks for fall, including the dress above, from Wal-mart, all for UNDER $25.




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  1. TENA says

    I am usually not at Walmart shopper for clothing but when I was a 26/28 they were one of the few places I could find things that fit and that were reasonably priced. Well, I happened to be surfing their website recently and came across the z.b.d collection. I was somewhat skeptical because the items were available online “only” with no opportunity to look, see, feel or touch but I purchased a few items (the tweed pantsuit & the black bubble jacket/wide leg pants) anyway because they looked really cute and on trend for the fall, at once again reasonable prices. All I can say is WOW! I was pleasantly surprised and pleased with the quality/detailing (buttons, snaps). Ladies you won’t be disappointed. Walmart has definitely step their game up!

  2. martha says

    I would have to see the dress in person. but as for the shoes eww ewww ewwwww, they are cheap, they look cheap. I have seen better looking ones at payless.

  3. SassyPants says

    I love the dresses.  I am a dress kind of girl, but I hate to pay $$$$ for trendy types of items.  These newer things from Walmart, Target, and Old Navy are awesome!!!  Thanks, TBF for pointing out that we don’t have to either pay the rent or have cute things, we can have it all!!!

  4. mb says

    Has anyone else noticed that Walmart is not the cheap for clothes anymore? I was desperate for some emergency black trousers for my waitress outfit and I wound up paying over $20 for these George-brand polyester things. They are clearly terrible quality, but I was in a pinch. One of my coworkers said she just got almost the same thing at Kohls for $11!

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