What to Buy Fall 2007: Tights

What: Way back in February, Kathryn told you to stock up on tights, so we’re hoping you did. Tights are everywhere for fall, seen especially in the season’s top neutral – gray.

What the fashion heads say: This on the fall tight forecast from iVillage.com’s Beauty and Style page: We all welcome one more winter where fashionistas don’t have to freeze to look fashionable.


What I say: They keep the legs cozy and keep everything in place, so what’s not to like? Though the palette can be somber, up the interest factor with texture – think knits, ribbing, embellishments. Also, you can pair gray or black tights with some of fall’s sophisticated plaids or classic jewel-toned pieces (like in the Marc Jacobs look, above) to make sure the look doesn’t fall flat. Slip on a pair of the season’s sexy boots or power pumps, and you’re ready to take on the world (or you’ll look like you are, anyway).

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  1. Elaine says

    I hate when I wear thick tights they stick to my skirt and make it rise. It looks like I have static cling, but it’s just two rough materials rubbing up against each other. Is there a solution for this? What kind of tights should I buy?

  2. twitch says

    any one have any research on high cost vs low cost tights?

    I have bought the cheapest and the most $$$, no rhyme or reason to quality too often.

    I still rock a red lace pair bought at tj maxx in high school, 20 + years ago for 3 bucks and have had 25 dollar pairs run on the first outing…

    I d love anyones research!

    I am a glutton for tights.

  3. Amber says

    hmm… i think tights lasting 20 years is the most amazing thing ive heard in weeks. that said, i scored great tights at steinmart last wk end. $1.43 for calvin kliens!

  4. Vanessa says

    Elaine, I had the same problem until I rediscovered the half-slip.  Keeps skirts from clinging to your tights in the winter and sticking to your legs in the summer.

  5. brenda says

    i am a plus size and love thick sweater tights and having been looking for them forever but i can’t find them in plus sizes.  does anyone know where i might find them?

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