What to Buy Fall 2007: Jc Penney


I must admit, that I’m not a big fan of Jc Penney. I feel the clothing is just one, very small step above Target in terms of quality, but a big step in terms of price. However, some of my dearest friends and family members are big ‘Penneys shoppers and theNicole Miller Sequin dress shown to the left is pretty hot. Here’s my five picks for fall 2007, from Jc Penney’s. Enjoy.








jacket jcpenney
Worthington Swing Jacket, $34.99-$37.99
Bisou Bisou Patent Crinkle Shopper, $24.99
johnny collar dress
Bisou Bisou, Johnny Collar Wrap Dress, $39.99
jc penney dress

Bisou Bisou Belted Dress, $49.99
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