What to Buy Fall 2007: Falling for Plaid

What: Mad plaid on the runway for fall, updated with modern colors and fabrics.

What the Fashion heads say: Style.com: “….the patterned cloth looked surprisingly twenty-first century, thanks in part to electric-bright color combinations…”

The Lowdown: Did plaid ever really go away? It feels a bit like a flashback to the fall previews of ’06, where plaid was definitely a big hit on the runways.  The new plaid for fall 2007 has been updated a bit, but shiny dark plaid jumpers (like this one from Alberta Ferretti) are never going to find their way into most closets. However a dash of plaid is always fun – in the form of a sassy patterned flat, like this one.


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  1. Kate says

    Having gone to private gradeschool and high school I swore off plaid after graduation! You have to be careful how you wear it or you’re right back in uniform again. That said, a cute clutch or shoe is a great way to take the trend and make it your own.

  2. HotChica1 says

    I agree Doris. This is horrible. It reminds me of my private school uniform from 3rd grade! yuck.
    a skirt or shorts in different plaid color would look nice.

  3. Carla says

    Plaid can be very cute if its the right pattern and colors, but I am sick and tired of the empire/trapeze/little girl waistlines. Bring back the womanly cinched waist styles!

  4. Michele says

    Open any catalogue from Talbots or Brooks Brothers and that’s what will NEVER go out of style. I’ve been searching for two years now for a plaid kilt type skirt with a gold pin. I see it in my mind but have had no luck. I’ve tried consignment shops, 2nd hand, even Ebay. I’ll keep searching because I’ll eventually find it. And if plaid is making a come-back, argyle is at the door knocking!

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