What to Buy Fall 2007: Basic Gray

What: We’ve tip-toed around it, but in case you didn’t get the hint: gray is the dominant neutral in the fall color palette.

What the fashion heads say: This from Elle.com: “First made glamorous in the ‘40s by Katharine Hepburn and her signature menswear-inspired look, gray flannel turns up on fall’s most versatile pieces.”

What I say: Every season needs a neutral, and gray is a cool and refreshing change after a long hot summer. Pair the color with a bold jewel-tone, like purple, in the form of a powerhouse blouse, glossy bangles, or shiny patent pumps. This seasons gray is no sad-sack; it’s a backdrop for boldness. A good staple to start with? Try this wool three-button blazer from The Gap.


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  1. lulu says

    Grey is great except when next to one’s face.  I know so few complexions that are complimented by either dark or light grey!  Somehow this is not addressed as the powers that be shove grey and more grey down our throats.

  2. TENA says

    I love that anything in the gray family is the “must have” for the fall. I absolutely love the things I have added to my wardrobe – from my Gray Ruffled Pantsuit from Spiegel, my Hermatite Sequin Necklace from Nordstrom and all my great buys from Target – my Devi Kroell Anthracite Hobo Bag, my Xhiliration Pewter metallic flats and wide belt and my Pewter accessory pieces from the Margaux Red Skies collection I am ready for Fall! I’m ballin’(living and looking well) on a budget!

  3. Liz says

    Does this mean Fall 2007 is deja-vu all over again? (See http://www.thebudgetfashionista.com/archives/fashion/fall_2006_trend.php)While fashion thrills me, the recycling of old ideas from the not-too-distant-past among fashion designers is, frankly speaking, disappointing. And as evidenced by the comment from the editors at Elle,fashion is still living in the past. Katharine Hepburn? A legend yes, but surely there must be some more current inspirations that can be translated into the trends of today!

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