What do You Want For Valentine’s Day?

According to a survey conducted by the folks at Bali, more women prefer lingerie than chocolate as a valentine’s day gift.

Here’s what they had to say…..

While flowers remain the safe bet, more and more American women say they would rather receive lingerie this Valentine’s Day than staid standards like chocolate hearts and teddy bears. In fact, of the 1,000 women surveyed, only 8 percent selected chocolates as the gift they would most like to receive from their valentine.

So, now that chocolates are “out”, what do you want and expect to receive (we all know that ain’t the same thing) for Valentine’s Day? Personally, after the iPod Red Nanogate, I’ll be happy with any, non-Star Trek related item ( although I am a fan of Generations I once had lunch with Patrick Stewart/Jean Luc Picard, but that’s a another discussion).

Note: One lucky commenter will receive a bra and panty set (size 36c bra) from Bali. Make sure to leave your email address

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  1. Reesy says

    I want anything nor do I expect anything. I do not believe in Valentine’s Day. My husband thinks he hit the jackpot, well the funny thing is….he doesn’t believe in it either. I do not like obligatory holidays. I much prefer just because gifts. I think the market for Valentine’s day has gotten out of control and has ruined more relationships than have brought together. I think if people are pin all their relationship hopes on one day. I understand why the divorce rate is so high.

  2. Yoruba says

    I’m old school…and I love chocolate…. so good chocolate, and even a stuffed animal.  Really good chocolate.  Corny I know but that’s what I want.  One guy got me a teddy bear that plays “my girl” by the temptations.  I still have it and I can’t even remember his name.  Anyway, as far as lingerie goes, just give me a gift card so I can get my own

  3. says

    Hmmm…I’d still like chocolate, really good specialty chocolate of course. I ( subtly) hinted at the chocolate stores that make ( what I believe to be) the better truffles, so I expect that’s what I’ll get.
    I can always exercise it off the day after, no? :)

  4. Fran P says

    I personally prefer a good bottle of white wine and a quiet dinner in a small restaurant.  Valentine’s Day is but 12 days before our anniversary.  34 years and still counting.  February is our romantic month – and not just for Valentine’s.

  5. Jenn P says

    For Valentine’s Day I would honestly like some long underwear with little tiny flowers on it like I had when I was a kid. My mom calls them “cuddle-duds,” heehee. I live in MI and the last few weeks have been really cold! Of course I can think of other more glamourous gifts, but right now some long underwear sounds perfect.

  6. says

    I would love to go out to a nice dinner and receive a beautiful piece of jewelry, but that can be pricey and we are trying to buy a house! So, this year we have plans to make a romantic dinner at home. We’re even going to make our own chocolate covered strawberries together. :) It will be great to spend some quality time preparing the meal and enjoying it together by candlelight.

  7. divaliscious11 says

    We don’t ‘do’ Valentine’s Day either, although my husband usually sends me flowers, but enough about him – lol You had lunch with Jean-Luc?!?!?!?!? Do tell..that is one sexy many and you should put his picture next to Michael Jordan’s – with those bald heads they look a lot alike!!!! My husband thinks I am crazy but even he was like..ok..i see it….so go on, Make it so, #1.

  8. trish says

    Since I am larger than 36-c, I am wondering if I might have more luck with winning something using my security code # ?  Choclate is a “safe” valentine gift and lingerie is much more personal and seductive.  Isn’t that the idea ?

  9. Charmaine says

    I would definitly prefer lingerie. You can eat chocolates and they’re delicious.  But you can always look delicious more than once in lingerie.

  10. Sarah says

    I don’t get it, chocolates just seem like much more fun. That, and it’s easier to show off your husband’s gift to the kids XD

  11. Mishka says

    As much as LOVE a beautiful piece of lingerie, chocolates win my vote.  They may be more seductive in fact than a lingerie gift, as chocolate is an aphrodisiac.  I’m not sure what to expect this Valentine’s day, but as my hubby is a true romantic, he’ll probably surprise me with something.

  12. ali says

    Want a peek into your man’s psyche? It’s all about the lingerie. Whether bearing a lovely demi-cup and a bottle of Veuve Cliquot or assless chaps and an awkward grin, you’ll learn more about your fella in twenty seconds than twenty hours of Dr. Phil – minus the annoying catchphrases.

  13. Mary Ann Hines says

    Being that I’m single and 56, I would like to have an evening with a real man, a special person who would appreciate being with a real woman in a fabulous piece of lingerie some interesting conversation and affection. If I don’t get that wish, I’ll purchas wine, fruit,a slice of cheese cake and indulge in a long luxurious bath count my blessings @@@##!&**^.

  14. insou2you says

    I would love some deliciously romantic surprise, like a toothbrush, a bikini and two plane tickets (in the immortal words of Fabio himself), but what I will most likely get is a romantic dinner for two sometime after Valentines. My husband is a wine steward, and always ends up working on Valentines day.
    To be honest, if I could just spend more time with him, that would be a pretty good present all by itself 😉

  15. Lana says

    To be honest, the best Valentine’s Days I’ve had have been when I’m single and hanging out with my girlfriends.

    But when it comes to gifts, I think smaller is better—sometimes it’s the little things, like a box of conversation hearts given to you unexpectedly in the middle of the day, a pair of cheesy heart socks, a sweet, inexpensive necklace—getting a gift makes you feel special, but they’re small enough so that you don’t feel guilty or undeserving or annoyed or any of the other things that *sometimes* go along with gifts (and the expectations gifts bring).

    And as for this year, single again, I’m going to buy myself a nice little treat—maybe a spring sweater. Something to show me how much I care. =o)

  16. Samantha says

    I agree lingerie is better – but come on girls I think we can all agree that new shoes for valentines day would be the ultimate best!  and make them fun or practical or at least ones we can beam and say they are from “my boyfriend”!

  17. Destiny says

    As long as it is from the heart, and I know he put thought into it…I’m always excited! Most importantly a card that really fits “us.” Lingerie shows that you want to see a sexual, sensual side of me- and you are happy with me physically! Here’s to GOOD MEN, no matter what the gift may be.

  18. ivfnext says

    Well, after a long time unsuccessfully trying to concieve, what I really want for V-Day is to remember that my body isn’t just for being probed at doctor’s appointments. So, for the first time in many Valentine’s, I’m hoping that instead of chocolate or flowers (commercial but also sweet) I’ll get lingerie or sexy pj’s – nothing cheap or trashy, but something to remind me that making love is more than sex timed for specific days each month.

  19. Colette says

    The best valentine’s gift I ever got was a sweet and very heartfelt love note from my boy (on plain pink construction paper) and a little bottle of champaign and the cd I’d been wanting for a couple of months.

    I’m not big on valentine’s day as a gift giving occasion though. Chocolates and roses and jewelry and lingerie seem a little over the top to me. Dinner seems appropriate, especially if it’s home cooked. Extra kisses. More doe eyes. Sillier words. All good.

  20. Amy says

    I’d prefer something that can either be showed off or shared. I LOVE getting flowers, but I like something a little less traditional than red roses (I love yellow and white roses). Chocolate is awesome because it can be shared between the two of you (and your kids!).

    Maybe I’m just super girly, but I’d also love a pampering day at the spa and salon – cut, color, and massage and then a romantic dinner out to our favorite steakhouse. :)

  21. Alex says

    Chocolate dipped strawberries from the local chocolatier.  That is all.  My personal opinion on Valentine’s Day is someone thought it up to get out of a deep hole from Christmas.  Bad christmas gift = great jewelry for Valentine’s day.  I wear great lingiere all the time and I hate getting flowers for Valentine’s Day.  TAlk about not gettin’ any…  It all very over-rated.

  22. Alex says

    Chocolate dipped Strawberries from the local chocolatier.  That’s all.  I think Valentine’s Day is just a way to make up for botching Christmas.  Vacuum cleaner for Christmas=Great jewelry for Valentine’s Day.  I wear my sexy lingierie for my husband all year long, and I hate getting roses for any “special” occasion.  If that happens, he’s going to be snuggling with our new puppy for the night.  Fortunaltey, after 11 years of being happily married, he knows all he has to do is say, “I love you”.  That goes any day of the week, not just Feb. 14th.

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