What to Wear to a Trendy Party

Dear Budget Fashionista,

I just won a trip to an album release party in San Diego, CA. I live in Missouri and have never been to anything like this in my life. I don’t know what would be appropriate to wear to something like this and I doubt I have anything in my closet that is nice enough. I can buy something but I’m on a budget and can’t spend a lot. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks!

Answer: Your best bet is to keep it simple and always when in doubt, wear black. Why? Well black is sort of like the great equalizer when it comes to fashion, it instantly makes you look “cool” without going outside of your comfort zone.  You can go with a pair of cool pumps and a simple black dress, or you could go for a pair of skinny legged pants, flirty top and pair of heels.

Here’s a simple outfit you can try, all for under $100:

Walmart What to Wear to a Trendy Party ">Norma Kamali Skinny Leg Jeans, $15, Walmart What to Wear to a Trendy Party

Pyramid Stud Kimono Top, $22.80, Forever21

Metallic Box Clutch, $19.80, Forever21

Siegerson Morrison for Target Pumps,. $36.99, Target