Red, White and Woo Hoo!: What To Wear To A Fourth Of July Barbecue

The Boss’s “Morale-Boosting” Fourth Of July Barbecue

Sure, there are other places you’d rather be on the Fourth of July (um, like, anywhere) than at your boss’s crib, but like our forefathers, we sometimes must make sacrifices for the greater good (which, in this case, is a steady paycheck. The trick here is to look appropriate for hangin’ with your co-workers (as opposed to your hometown peeps) but still be fun and comfortable.

A chic dress-me-up/dress-me-down, well, dress is the perfect style note for this particular setting– personalized with cute accessories–to ensure that, the day after, you’ll be the talk of the office without being the TALK of the office, if you know what we mean.

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