What to Pack on a Honeymoon

Of course, what to pack for a honeymoon will all depend on where you’re going. But let’s assume it’s somewhere hot, sunny, and completely fabulous. Here’s a quick list:

  • Swimsuit. As hard as this might be, make it one you love because you won’t want to ruin the mood by feeling less than great.
  • A cover up. No explanation required.
  • One dress. Something that can go day to night is ideal; bring fun accessories to change it up.
    Georgette dress, LaRedoute

  • A light sweater or wrap. Even on an island you might get a chill sometime.
  • Flip-flops. You can bring the 99 cent rubber kind for the beach, but you might want a pair with some cute beading or embellishment for running around in, too.
    Xhilaration Gemma flip flops, Target

  • Shorts and tank tops. Solid and/or mix and match pieces that you can throw on and go.
  • Beach towel. Sure, you could spend 50 bucks on a souvenir towel, or take a chance on whatever the hotel might provide, but do you want to?
  • Sunscreen. Sunburns kill Honeymoons.
  • Hat. Get a basic wide-brim straw hat that’s crushable to make packing sooo much easier.
    Crushable straw hat, Roaman’s

  • Hair bands/hair clips. These are so easy to forget, but save yourself the runaround of trying to track some down in an unfamiliar place.
  • Sunglasses. See hair bands/hair clips for explanation.

Honeymoon couple photo courtesy of Travel Protectors


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