What to Buy in November

It’s the penultimate month of the year, home to way too many servings of pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving and way too many half-off sweaters during Black Friday sales.  Needless to say, it’s a good month, and according to DealNews, it’s one of the happiest months for budget-conscious shoppers.  Hoorah!  Here’s what to keep an eye out for.

Here’s What to Buy in November

Cookware: Maybe you’re meandering through Julia Child’s cookbooks or perhaps it’s time to graduate your Ikea kitchenware. (It’s time.)  If so, November is a great time for cookware deals.  Bring on the spatulas and woks please!

Wedding dress: If you’re walking down the aisle in the near future, November and December are great months to buy your gown.  With wedding season way out of sight, the lull means that shoppers have more bargaining power.  Less people buying means buyers get to be choosy.  Get ready to pull out your negotiating skills with boutiques!

Clothes: Think Black Friday is the only day to score big time deals on clothes?  Think again.  Last year, many stores offered sweet online coupons in the weeks leading up to and around Black Friday.  Be sure to couple discounts with sales and markdowns to get the most bang for your buck.

Turkey: Definitely don’t stock up on extra Twinkies to meet the minimum, but many grocery stores will be offering free turkeys to those who spend minimums, usually between $200-300.  Ask your store if you can make multiple trips throughout the month to make that minimum.

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