To Buy or Not to Buy in February

Hold off on the iPad mini

Patience, grasshopper. Resist the urge to bring out the big boys for Apple’s latest and greatest.  Wait until late April or early May, and you can probably score a refurbished model for less. And yes, you’ll still get the one year warranty.


‘Tis the season to stay warm

Global warming may mean milder winters for most, but for brands that specialize in heavy duty winter gear?  Not so great news.  Brands like Columbia Sportswear reported weak sales due to relatively mild winters.  Dealnews is predicting more sales and discounts. For example, The North Face has doubled the number of deals.  If you’re due for a down jacket, now’s the time to splurge.


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  1. Judy H. says

    It is the 5th day of February and all I’m getting online is information for Spring clothes and newspaper, magazine ads, and catalogs for the same thing.  I still need things for winter and what I find in the stores are sale racks in the back of the store jammed with marked down clothes in a mish-mash of styles and sizes.  I’m in a really hard place trying to find some new pieces.  Any suggestions?

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