To Buy or Not to Buy in February


Sure, February may deck the halls to the most commercialized, man-made holiday ever, but the frugally trained eye can cut through marketing clutter and find some gem deals.  Thanks to our friends at Dealnews, we’re bringing you the lowdown on how to shop smart in the shortest month of the year.

What To Buy in February (Plus Other Things You Don’t Have To Buy This Month)

Sweet savings for your sweetie:

Alright, so we’re fully prepared for the massive advertising launch that’ll market the heck out of lingerie, jewelry, chocolates, you name it. Buy into it, but don’t buy full price.  Keep an eye open for coupons at lingerie retailers like Victoria’s Secret. (FYI: Last year, it was $15 off $100).  Looking for sparkle instead of lace?  Value-driven jewelry sites will also be offering sweet deals.

Don’t have a sweetie? Don’t sweat it. Last year, food chains like Krispy Kreme and Waffle House offered freebies to lessen the pain.  Who needs a boyfriend when you’ve got a delicious glazed donut that melts effortlessly in your mouth?


Prez Day Sales

Yes, it’s a holiday, and yes, retailers will offer sales.  Expect sales during the 3-day weekend, and if you’re looking for some new clothes to transition into Spring, you’re in luck.  Expect department stores, in  particular the clothing department, to go big on President’s Day.

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  1. Judy H. says

    It is the 5th day of February and all I’m getting online is information for Spring clothes and newspaper, magazine ads, and catalogs for the same thing.  I still need things for winter and what I find in the stores are sale racks in the back of the store jammed with marked down clothes in a mish-mash of styles and sizes.  I’m in a really hard place trying to find some new pieces.  Any suggestions?

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