Hit or Miss at the Dollar Store

These items tend to be similarly priced at the dollar store and other retail locations.

* Birthday Candles: Some dollar stores had the cheapest price while others had the highest.
* Brown Paper Bags: Dollar stores tied with most other stores except CVS, which charged more.
* Composition Notebooks: Find these for 1 cent per page at dollar, discount and grocery stores.
* 16 Ounce Plastic Cups: Prices at dollar stores were among the cheapest at 5 cents per cup, but these cups could be found for a good price elsewhere.
* Napkins: At ½ cent per napkin, they are cheap at many stores.
* Security Envelopes: Most stores sold a box of 40 for 1 dollar, so buy these anyplace except CVS which charges 6 cents per envelope.
* Foam Plates: 8- or 9-inch foam places could be found for about 3 cents a plate.