What is The Right Jacket Length?

Dear Budget Fashionista:

The makeover stylists on TV tell women to wear their jackets and tops no longer than the crotch line, to look slimmer. Is this true?

Answer: This is one of those rules that only make sense for certain types of body. For example if you are widest at your hips, it is better to wear a jacket that is either at your waist or approximately 2 or 3 inches below your bottom. Why is this better? Well, the eye will be drawn to the section of your body where the jacket ends. Another trick is make sure your slacks/pants and jackets are of the same color, aka monochromatic (which by the way doesn’t necessarily mean all black); that way the jacket doesn’t make a break in the line of the outfit.

Pictured: Old Navy Women’s Essential One-Button Blazer, on sale $35.

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