What I’m Loving” Lilith Fair Returns, Drop Dead Diva, and My Mom

1. Shoes: Talli by Lucky Brand. Granola sandals have come a long way since the Birkenstock.
2. TV: Drop Dead Diva. A witty show about real women who break out in song. Sort of like Glee meets Ally McBeal. Plus it has Margaret Cho.
3. People: My Mom. She’s the woman who taught the guru. This week was her birthday (Happy Birthday Mom!)
4. Apparel: Lulus.com. Lulus is sort of like a curated version of Forever21.com, with a wide range of junior sized dresses, most under $100. I am big fan of this dress- Fruit Cocktail Dress, $77 at Lulu’s
5. Event: Lilith Fair. Sarah McLachlan and crew return in this tour/festival of amazing women artists, started in the 90s to show the record industry that people would pay to see clothed women singer/songwriters. Carly Simon and Erkyah Badu will perform. Perfect place to wear your Talli sandals.