What Your Date Night Clothes Say about You

5. Boho/Rock Gothic

Boho - Rock Gothic


Credit: Ramey/People.com

If mid-’90s Sienna Miller and Zooey Deschanel are your fashion icons, then you can safely place yourself in the boho chic/rock gothic category.  Flow-y dresses, flats, earth tones and belts are all lovely.  But the message they send can be roughly translated to “don’t fence me in.”  Looking “romantic and wistful” on a first date can be interpreted as “homeless and poor.”  So, don’t be afraid to go a little more conservative.  If you must wear a flow-y dress, cinch in that waist or add a pair of seriously glam heels.

Do your date-night clothes say “Free to good home” or “dream girl?”

What message do your clothes send?

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