What Can You Get for $5: The Look for Less

framed botanical print
With the economy tanking, you may not think that $5 can take you far in decorating your home. But you are wrong.

If you haven’t gone out shopping at your local thrift store you are really missing out. Here is what you should do, you know that jar of pennies on your desk? Turn it in for some money. Recycle some cans. Dig through your purse. Or do all three, until you come up with at least $2. Then, head on over to your local thrift store and see what you can find. All of these items pictured here were under $5!. This vintage flower botanical print, pictured above, was a measly $3.30 at the Salvation Army.


wooden rooster tray
The wooden rooster tray was selling for $2.36 at Goodwill.

milk glass bubble bowl
This milk glass bowl was only $1 and is so chic and vintage we it almost looks modern.

Put aside your “eww that has been used” qualms. Thrift stores don’t take things that look diseased or too damaged and you can always wash it yourself when you get home. A small sacrifice to pay for some great deals.

Goodwill and Salvation Army offer a host of fabulous finds for less. While Goodwill relies entirely upon donations from individuals, Target gives Salvation Army its super-clearanced items. Check with your local Salvation Army to find out when they get items from Target and head on down there, for fabulous Target home accessories for even less.

Tips for thrifting:
1. If you are looking for something specific be prepared to browse and give yourself some time. If you are looking for 20 wine glasses, be prepared to build up your collection over several weeks and several trips.
2. Items move fast in thrift stores, so check back frequently if you don’t find what you are looking for.
3. Get friendly with the cashiers. That little lady behind the counter at the Salvation Army can be your friend and call you when ever they get a donation of pink depression glass tumblers.
4. Keep an open mind and a sharp eye. If you go in looking for a wicker basket, you may miss the retro plastic tub that will do the same thing with an added element of style. An old wooden tool box could be made into a desktop organizer, and you know all of those crazy spoons in the bin? Those could be the wall hooks you are looking for.
5. Bring a friend. A good friend. You know, the one with a keen eye for beauty. Who can spot the fabulous blue willow ware plate hidden underneath the stack of plain white Corelle? Yeah, bring her.
6. If you think you want to get something, but aren’t sure. Carry it around with you. If you think you can just come back and get it later you will be sorely disappointed.

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