15 Wedding Dresses You’ll Love (all for under $150)

Whether you have a secret stash of bridal porn (aka: several scrapbooks of lustworthy wedding dresses you’ve religiously compiled since you dated your 7th grade boyfriend Chip) or your after-work past time includes rolling your eyes at hysterical brides on Say Yes to the Dress, let’s face it, the “dress,” as pop culture fiends (like us!) have christened the wedding gown, IS important. After finding your partner-in-crime, we say finding the dress is right up there.

Sure, everyone has varying budgets, and through the headache-inducing, yet joyful process of wedding planning, you’ll decide (as a couple) what to splurge on and what to save on. If your take on the dress is “I’d-rather-spend-that-money-on-a-fab-honeymoon-in-Paris-but-still-want-to-look-amazing,” here are 15 dresses that cost less than $150 (with several less than $100!)

Wedding Dresses for $150 and Less

For a Big White Wedding:

For a Big White Wedding 15 Wedding Dresses You’ll Love (all for under $150)

1. Simply Elegant Strapless Gown for $139 from David’s Bridal

2. Bonny Wedding dress for $113.99 from PeriDress.com

3. Satin & Chiffon A-line V-neck dress for $113.09 from DressilyMe.com